Phosphate analysis made easy

Test water more frequently without any chemicals

Rapid detection

Know the orthophosphorus present in the water discharge within 10 minutes

Chemical free

Our chemical free technology does not require any chemical preparation step making it hassle free

Wireless data transfer

Wireless data transfer to your phone enables the user to send data to multiple users and receive feedback


Rapid, chemical free and hassle free detection

Phosphoanalyzer is a handled phosphorus monitoring system that simplifies phosphorus detection using a chemical free technology which will enable wastewater treatment plant operators to measure phosphorus within 10 minutes (~67% faster) without getting into the hassle of chemical preparation.

  • Wide range of detection (0.3- 300 ppm Orthophosphorus)

  • Multiple measurements after cleaning

  • Modular sensor

  • Wireless data transfer



How it works??

Step 1

Collect sample

Step 2

Submerge probe

Step 3

Get notified


Our mission

We at PhosphoSens believe that every community deserves safe water and well-equipped water/wastewater treatment plants can make it happen by closely monitoring the water. We are creating technology to enable rapid and hassle free water quality monitoring. 

Eutrophication, a leading cause for drinking water problems and it costs around $2.2 billion annually for U.S. alone. At PhosphoSens, we are building efficient and low-cost water quality monitoring systems to reduce the risks for water and wastewater ecosystem which is already under a huge stress due to increasing population and water usage.

We are a company developing water quality monitoring systems in partnership with OEMs to bring these solutions to wastewater treatment plants. We are currently focusing on developing a handheld, rapid and chemical free phosphorus monitoring system. 


Our support


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Are you poisoning your lakes?

Phosphorus is both a blessing and curse to humans. When added in right amount it helps our crops to grow, when left unchecked, it can result in excess phosphorus draining into our water bodies, a curse to our freshwater sources. Read more about, How excess phosphorus is poisoning Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades @the save the world ....

Eutrophication, a costly problem...

Eutrophication is one of the leading causes of freshwater pollution. The problem costs an estimated $2.2 billion per year in the U.S. alone and is the leading cause of drinking water problems in most developing countries.

Increasing algal blooms & dead zones...

An algae bloom in Lake Erie in 2014 resulted in elevated levels of microcystin, which is a toxin produced by certain types of blue-green algae. It caused 400,000 residents of the area around Toledo, Ohio unable to drink tap water.


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